The sidecar Difference

Beside you for your next
commercial real estate adventure

Every journey is easier when you make it together. Every success is richer when more stakeholders take part in it.

That's the Sidecar Mission:

Be Fair.

SHARE responsibility and success within our team, and with our clients and communities
CARE for each other through support, collaboration, and continuous improvement
BE FAIR to every colleague, client, competitor, and person with whom we interact

Representing users/occupiers of office, medical, industrial and retail space, and commercial real estate investors, we provide local, face-to-face representation supported by a global team of experts. We ensure our Brokers and Agents have the best technology, tools, strategies, and connections to take you from first contact through lifecycle management of your real estate portfolio.

Growth isn’t a destination, it’s a process and we’re here to help you strategize for the journey ahead. We anticipate business trends, monitor and measure their impact, and help you align your commercial real estate with your companies’ operational, financial, and productivity goals or your investment objectives.

Our Services Include

With access to leading market-, industry-, property- and GIS research and data, our team provides you with the right intelligence to support your business goals. We generate and work with you to analyze demographic information, market reports, market surveys with property listings of comparable sold or leased properties, GIS mapping, void-, comparative- and suitability analysis and more, to help you to make the best real estate decisions.

Combining market-, client- and project specific data with our financial analysis capabilities, Sidecar CRE helps you make the best real estate decisions for your needs and goals. For users/occupants, we provide comparative lease, lease vs. purchase, continue-to-own versus sell & leaseback and risk analyses. For investors, we provide investment analysis and cash flow modeling to support your acquisition, hold, refinance and disposition decisions.

Working closely with you, we evaluate your current and future talent needs to align your space(s) and real estate portfolio. For acquisitions, we coordinate and collaborate with space planners, architects, engineers, general contractors and construction managers to ensure that your location, site and space meets your goals.

With our focus on users of commercial space, we are on the Tenant’s and Owner-Occupant’s side. We know your business, goals and needs, and we optimize your real estate footprint via strategic acquisitions and dispositions. Potential conflicts of interest are avoided in instances where one firm represents both tenants and landlords. This focus allows us to identify unique opportunities and negotiate the best terms and conditions for your real estate locations.

Using our Market Research and Analysis expertise, combined with leading technology solutions, we can identify, evaluate and compare geographic areas and markets to help you select the best location(s) for your business now and in the future. Demographics, infrastructure, zoning and master planning, growth and development trends, and more are considered to ensure that your next location is a productive asset.

When relocating or expanding your business to a new location, the economic development that your business creates attracts incentives to ensure success and maximize benefit to the community. We help you identify, negotiate and secure incentives at local, regional, state and even federal levels. These reduce your initial investment costs and on-going costs of occupancy, increasing your return on investment. Incentives can include training grants, foreign trade zone designation, freeport exemptions, infrastructure incentives, tax abatements, tax incremental finance, Enterprise and Opportunity funds and more.

Sidecar Brokers and Agents learn about your business goals and needs and take an analytical and qualitative approach to identify the best location for your business operation. A critical component of your corporate strategy, Site Selection has short and long-term impact on operating costs, supply chain, labor force, and tax structure. It is so much more than just a location!

We use our training, technologies, process and understanding of your business goals to advise and lead you through the entire brokerage process of purchasing, leasing or disposing of real estate. We research, identify, negotiate and secure the best space for your business at the best terms, managing the process and transaction on your behalf.

When you’re ready to exit, our team will help you prepare and sell your business. Our process includes valuation, marketing, selling and closing and ensures that your business is priced and positioned correctly and sells in a reasonable timeline at optimal price and terms.


Our company culture is fun, balanced, employee-focused, collaborative, and promotes constant growth. When we compete, it’s by challenging ourselves to outwork the competition. We pursue shared success through common goals and won’t stop until we can all celebrate together.