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Introducing Sidecar Industry Insights: Economist-Led Industry Analysis at Your Fingertips!

Sidecar Commercial Real Estate is expanding the ways they help their corporate clients with a new offering that is in demand across numerous professions. Available now, Sidecar Industry Insights market reports and data files provide micro-level data on state and local market industry growth trends along with analysis and reporting.

Sidecar CRE is already well-versed in using market research to strategically guide clients’ real estate journeys. Their team of advisors ensures that a company’s corporate real estate portfolio aligns with their operational, financial, and productivity goals. Now, with the help of in-depth data, economic base and shift-share analysis, and economist-led analysis, segmentation and reporting, they are providing a new and better way to identify opportunities within state, metro and county markets. This actionable intelligence will serve corporate decision-makers, economic development professionals, real estate service providers and investors, venture capital and private equity organizations, and more.

Industry Insights are much more than labor market reports. These comprehensive yet easy-to-navigate reports begin with micro-level industry employment data that is provided to the 6-digit NAICS code. From there, the data is analyzed and segmented based on select criteria into three categories:

  • Industries of Strength
  • Industries in Decline
  • Emerging Industries

This allows for easier understanding and deeper insights into potential opportunities than the data alone.

According to Sidecar President Jim Breitenfeld, CCIM, use of the micro-level data is rare, the economist-led analysis and reporting is unique, and the segmentation into three new categories is proprietary. Primary outcomes that he foresees for all user types include developing better strategies, identifying higher-return opportunities and optimizing deployment of finite resources.

Sidecar Industry Insights team’s commitment is to be beside you for your organization’s market research, analysis and planning journey. Consulting services are available to provide training on how to use the reports, assist with comparative market analysis, and generate custom reports and data files.

The Sidecar team is eager to connect with and serve your organization.

Additional information about Sidecar Industry Insights and their ecommerce store to purchase reports can be accessed at

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