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Make Way for a New Kind of CRE Firm

Jim Breitenfeld, former Vice-President at Henry S. Miller Brokerage, LLC is launching a different kind of CRE Agency. Sidecar Commercial Real Estate, a new firm focused on serving corporate office- and industrial space users has been founded by Mr. Breitenfeld and is eager to begin trailblazing in the industry.

Mr. Breitenfeld has spent years helping locally-headquartered corporate clients with multiple locations align their real estate to their long term strategies. Through Sidecar CRE, he hopes to continue that pursuit, but with a deliberate move towards a unique operating model.

Headquartered in Frisco, TX, Sidecar CRE’s field-based advisors will emphasize collaboration to support clients’ global corporate real estate requirements, both internally and with select third-party advisors in markets where they don’t yet have a direct presence.

Whatever the client’s goals or requirements, whether adding new office and industrial locations, searching for a first space, or needing to dispose of excess real estate, Sidecar’s team aims to chart and complete a journey, not just a project. A distinction from the norm will be an emphasis on delivering long-term value to clients throughout the lifecycle of their real estate portfolio, by offering a full slate of research, analysis, brokerage and management services.

Sidecar’s mission is to share, care, and be fair. This means:

  • Sharing responsibility and success
  • Caring through collaboration and continuous improvement
  • Ensuring everyone they work with is treated fairly and valued

“Advisors that join our firm will benefit from an entrepreneurial culture, a robust platform of tools, technology, training, and support; and a unique model which will ensure a consistent stream of new qualified prospects,” says Mr. Breitenfeld about company culture.

“North Texas, and particularly Frisco, have emerged as an excellent region/location to headquarter a business and efficiently and effectively serve clients with complex global requirements,” says Breitenfeld.

With his background working as a strategic marketing, business development and sales professional at world-class multinational organizations including Schneider Electric, Johnson Controls and Brady Corporation, Mr. Breitenfeld offers clients unique strategic planning and project management skills. This experience molded his ability to analyze market data, identify opportunities, strategize, and execute unique solutions for clients.

In the Sidecar agency model, these strengths are amplified as they contribute dynamically to a team much greater than the sum of its parts. A fun, balanced, employee-focused company culture promotes collaboration and constant growth.

As part of this unique firm, every single team member will contribute to and benefit from this diverse collection of skills, personalities, and experiences.

Sidecar CRE is eager to serve your corporate real estate needs wherever they’re required, by our field-based advisors and from our headquarters in Frisco, Texas, where Mr. Breitenfeld has lived since 2011 with his wife and two children. When not working with Sidecar, he enjoys family and community activities, travel, and sports.

Visit for a complete list of services and to experience what makes Sidecar so unique.

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