3 Reasons to Find and Work With the Right Corporate Real Estate Advisor

It’s time for your business to open a new site. Whether establishing your headquarters or adding expansion locations, it’s a big decision, and one you do not want to make alone or quickly. You need as much information as you can get, so you connect with a commercial real estate Broker. They check all the boxes and convince you to move forward with the search.

But are there additional boxes you didn’t consider or even know could be checked?

Here are just a few of the benefits of hiring the right corporate real estate advisor over a transaction-driven broker:

1) Advisors Consider Your Company Goals

Where do you see your company in one year, five years or even ten years? We’re sure you’ve developed financial plans and projections, set up a timeline, determined what’s holding you back, and how to overcome it.

Are you working to improve employee retention? Streamlining productivity? Ensuring operations are scalable? Of course you are.

But have you also considered the role real estate acquisition and/or disposition plays in all of those areas? The right Advisor will partner with you to align your real estate to your companies’ financial, operational, and productivity goals. Some will go even further, using research, analysis and planning expertise to assess markets for opportunities and provide comprehensive plans to take advantage of them.

The Sidecar team works collaboratively, utilizing as many resources and perspectives as possible to ensure your unique needs and potential are represented in your real estate portfolio.

2) Advisors Ensure Your Real Estate is an Investment, Not an Expense

It’s tempting to place the cost of company spaces in the expense column and approach acquisition as a chance to reduce your bottom line. For smaller companies and startups, most decisions may need to be boiled down to their cost-effectiveness. Even for larger corporations, real estate departments continue to be reduced or in some cases eliminated.

Simply put, this can be a missed opportunity. Building an intentional and dynamic real estate portfolio is an investment in the health of your company and employees. Transactional brokers working with tenants and buyers often limit their search efforts to properties and spaces that just match your financial criteria, not your corporate and portfolio objectives.

Sidecar provides research, analysis, planning and management services that include but go far above and beyond simple brokerage, helping you make the best choices for your future, not just this year’s budget.

3) Advisors are People You Can Trust on the Road Ahead

Growth is a process that requires short-term actions to align with long term strategy. When approached from this perspective, your corporate real-estate portfolio becomes not only an investment but a tool.

Unlike transactional brokers, the right advisor will provide on-going strategic intelligence and services. These include anticipating business trends, monitoring and measuring their impact, and helping you align (and realign) your corporate real estate footprint with your company’s goals. Trusted, long-term advisors can also support your global corporate real estate requirements by collaborating with select third-party advisors in markets where they don’t have a direct presence.

Sidecar ensures our Advisors have the best technology, tools, strategies, and connections to take you from first contact through lifecycle management of your real estate portfolio. We provide local, face-to-face representation wherever your growth takes you.

At Sidecar CRE, guiding your commercial real estate journey is both our expertise and our passion. Our team is here for you every step of the way.

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